An open letter to all NIOS Dled Study center Co-ordinator

An open letter to all NIOS Dled Study center Co-ordinator

Dear co-ordinator, sir and madam


I’m Apurba,

You probably do not know me, but I’m sure any of the teachers who are taking the training in your Study Center will be one of the few. As you have been working tirelessly for this year, I am working hard to finish this training thoroughly. Of the teachers who are trained in West Bengal, 30000 teachers are directly involved in our channel. At least on these two days I have received 1000 requests from them for assignment question paper! They say they have been asked to submit the assignment in their Study Center!
But sir, you all know, NIOS has not updated any assignment yet on its website. Maybe it will update very soon. But it will definitely not give Bangla medium. It will be given in Hindi / English medium. And then the market publications will publish the assignment in Bangla by translating them. That’s what happened the previous two times. And I also told our channel teachers to help us as much as possible from us. But the fact is that until NIOS is giving assignment, there is nothing to do with it.
There are many older teachers who believe that the assignment will be given by market  publications, so many people are requesting repeatedly to get the assignment .


in the original words, I am requesting a sincere request from trained teachers to empower you, please give them some time. Because the NIOS has not given the assignment so far, it is not possible to write assignment anymore. I know you have a lot of pressure, there are many responsibilities to finish this stuff quickly, but also know those teachers are you! Because they do not know NIOS! They know you, if there is any problem related to this, they run out first to you !Some rules of NIOS have taken their night’s sleep!

If you consider my request a bit, and if you give them a few days, maybe they will be somewhat will be free from anxiety.

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