Inauguration of NIOS SWAYAM PRABHA Channel 30 – ज्ञानामृत by Hon’ble HRM Sh. Prakash Javadekar Ji

Inauguration of NIOS SWAYAM PRABHA Channel 30 – ज्ञानामृत by Hon’ble HRM Sh. Prakash Javadekar Ji




about 1 year ago, on July 9, 2017,

the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India introduced the educational channels by Prabha itself. We delivered students from all over the country through these channels. There are two separate channels for the students of the National Open School Education Institute 10th-12th. Teacher is running for training which is in English and Hindi and one channel is in Bengali and Assamia. Today is a matter of great happiness for the National Institute of Open School Education that we are bringing out our fifth channel Channel Number 30 for them. Those who can not hear India’s Prime Minister Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi have always been worried about the children who can not hear or suffer from someone else’s disability We are doing something for them, while fulfilling their dreams, we are coming to a new channel today which can not provide educational programs for those children, can not partially listen. Through this channel, we can see the 10th and 12th Students will be able to access study material in sign language by the National Institute of Open Schooling, has long been working for such students. The National Open School Education Institute in the disrupted visually impaired Learning Disability area works for these children by focusing on the battle of the lion but evaluating them differently. This is the most suitable for them. This channel will work in another area. And will bring programs to the children of the region who have meaning SRA students in Sanskrit who are in schools across the country. They study that their program will reach the language of Sanskrit and they can continue studying their Vedic Studies in Sanskrit but in such schools there is a shortage of teachers in such Vedic schools, and if the two regions are able to complete the deficiency, Will be the area of ​​Divyang Tal and students of Sanskrit or Vedic Study Centers are required. We have started the program I have made in sign language All of you will agree that when UNESCO has given a special opportunity to UCO and declared it on a nation day, there has been a great propaganda of yoga in India and people from all over the world are learning yoga. We are coming to India and the National Open School Education Institute has created programs for Yoga instructors for the teachers. Built in Sign Language, India is built in Sign Language. India’s emphasis is on vocational education. Employment jobs are not job-making, but for those people who can not hear, we have created programs in sign language so that they will have their talents To be able to teach others and to be self-employed and to include other people so that I do not want to go in the direction of Divya The main benefit of this channel will be to the students, the National Institute of Open Schooling has been giving students the facility through different means through different means. On the invitation of our student minister, he came from entire country to participate in the program on January 26. He Met with him and saw him as close to him and said that he had grown up. It is said that the work of the school is not to be educated but to change life and I feel that there was a big difference in the life of these children also came early and had participated in the program on 26th January and also continued the program. The national program was done by all such people doing their work in sign language they came and joined them and want to reach the students all over the country. Keeping away from education, it is a matter of great happiness for the National Institute of Open School Education that Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development Shri Prakash Javadekar ji has duly inaugurated this channel and I will urge the Minister that he Inaugurate this channel with the message and accept that we can start the broadcast

Prakash Javrekar speaks that –

 I am very happy that we are starting to do the second time of Doordarshan itself and it is a matter of great pleasure because more facilities will be available, it will be reached today, I am very happy that those who are mouth and deaf can understand them for them. It is a revolutionary step in the language of the 10th and the 12th in the language of the language that is what we are very much congratulated because they hardly think that ten The first sign of X and XII is coming in the sign language on TV on TV, and this is a very important initiative because this channel will be very popular. The number of silent and deaf in the country is decreasing, even then what is it The number is very large, it did not get the opportunity of education and especially if the teacher in front is to do it, then how to do it, a new tool is available to see that all of them see me It is always good to see that news is also broadcast in sign language. It is very important, what is happening in the world, even in the language of sign language, and so on all the subjects of the 10th 12th You will see times twice and I will see four times from the Confidence two times and I will see 10 times and will do the exam with very confidence. This is the most important thing and I congratulate the students for this. I also congratulate the National Board of Open Education More than that, in the 10th and more than 5 lakh students are examined in the 12th, it is propaganda and now it has been added to the new one. The number will increase and the second venture will start from today and it is starting on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, what should be the name of such a channel, it will happen and get it and know, then it happens that it is the legacy of our country. Today, more than 50 schools of the world are studying the Vedas; more than the study is done in the universities and the number of thousands of foreigners is also to learn Sanskrit Our teachers are also going there and read in place, our teacher is also going there, in this way the curriculum of the tenth class of Sanskrit is a new grammar prepared with a new word and there is also a language of sahib and in this way the language of Sanskrit The whole study and the Vedas whose world is praising today, UNESCO has incorporated the Vedas in the World Heritage, the tradition of Vedas Studies is very important, salvation in it is very important If it is important in the quantity, then the related tradition of the respective government which is already running, Sandipani Ved Vidya Pratishthan, Belur Math, and all the Sanskrit and Vedas of our region, Anjali and the rest of the crowd have collected a good study. You will be able to listen to him on TV and follow him, then it is also a facility. It is a great pleasure to be our medium, and for this, Students who are studying student and Vedas through the Law Ministry National Open School Education Institute, who write their studies on almost 1000 centers in the country, will be very happy with these words of yours and thank you very much for this wonderful name To give this channel will be known as Jananamrit. Thank you so much. You took the time and said to our students Given the permission and allowed this channel to start duly and started it very much thank you.

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